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Welcome to Proxima

Proxima provides real-time data from the blockchain in the form of composable streams and data APIs with the ability (in the future) to quickly verify the data without trust in our services.

Problems with Web 3

  • Network isolation (data cannot be used outside of blockchain)
  • Data inconsistency because of block forks (rollbacks)
  • Problems with the uptime of nodes
  • Lack of accessible and useable application-specific data
  • Non-feasible price for complex on-chain computations

Benefits of using Proxima

Our platform features different benefits for gaining data:
  • Real-time data with low latency
  • Generalized models for multi-chain access
  • Data consistency
  • Scalable infrastructure

Use cases

Streams and built-in APIs can be used in various ways: quant trading, blockchain analytics, wallet integration, fetching application-specific data, and much more!


Solutions provided by Proxima can be divided into separate yet related parts:
  • Streaming platform — services providing real-time streams with application-specific data;
  • Data APIs that are based on those streams and allow fast access to aggregated data;
  • Maru — a component providing ZK-proofs of data correctness.

Something is missing?

Contact us at [email protected]!
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